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Our vision is to achieve prevention through partnership. 

Our mission is to unite the community to create a healthy environment for positive youth development by reducing and preventing youth substance use. 

Our activities include events, seminars, in-school education and awareness programs, community activities, and much more. We invite you to join us in our mission!


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August 1st there is a Free TIPS Training at our new training location- at the Family Readiness Center- 480 West St Suite #2 !Register for August TIPS here!!

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Congrats to our summer S.A.Y It Proud Winner- Read about her here!

2016 Marijuana talk in Pittsfield was a hit- over 120 Berkshire residence and youth joined in the discussion! Dr.Bertha Madras, Dr. Jennifer Michael’s, DA David Capeless, and the Berkshire County Drug Task force talked about the impacts of marijuana legalization and the inherent scientific risks of youth access and use. This October 18th at 12:15,  both Dr. Michael’s and DA Capeless will be revisiting this topic at a Berkshire Community College forum. Please come and bring questions and an open mind. We are looking to get the community to input their attitudes toward this topic and utilize conversation to bring a real and meaningful conversation to the surface. It is up to all of our community members to discuss the impacts of marijuana impacts on the human brain and its impacts on the social environment. We here at the Pittsfield Prevention Partnership look to all of our community members and organizations to develop a framework that sets a precedence around the implications of marijuana use in our  local population. 

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