Social Norms Marketing Campaigns

The Pittsfield Prevention Partnership and the Student Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Chapters at Pittsfield and Taconic High Schools worked together over the past school year to implement a new social norms marketing campaign aimed at decreasing underage drinking. The students worked to design a survey that gathered information about student attitudes regarding alcohol. They surveyed a sample of students from each grade at each high school, then analyzed the data to come up with the most powerful positive messages. Research has shown that if you saturate your audience (in this case students at both schools) with positive messages about drinking norms, the misconception that all the kids are drinking all the time will decrease over time, as will the actual alcohol use rates. We will also be working with the SADD students to discover new and creative ways to disseminate the messages, including the use of social media. The SADD/Above The Influence (ATI) students at Reid and Herberg are working on a similar survey.

2015 Campaign


Youth look to their caregivers to model appropriate behaviors and talking topics. By engaging in conversation about the risks of alcohol and substance use, youth feel empowered to speak about difficult topics with adults.

Students vocalize that they disagree with caregivers who let youth drink in the home. The justification is usually: "I rather have them do it here than out on the streets", but this just leads to poor coping skills and possibly injury or death due to intoxication. The brain is not fully developed until 23-25 years old, so allowing youth to drink at any time could have significant negative effects on their development and growth.

By providing youth with opportunities to engage in their community we also create an environment that has more places for youth to have fun and meet other people. Catching people doing the right thing is an objective of the PPP, so we want to continue to create an environment and culture in our community that fosters pro-social, healthy, and drug-free opportunities for youth to engage in and evolve to their needs.

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2014 Campaign

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2013 Campaign

2012 Campaign

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